Friday, 26 July 2013

Recent Purchases

Just a quick little post on some things I bought while I was back in Ireland for a few days. So I went a little overboard in MAC as always....
MAC Fix +

Ok so in my last post I told you I bought MAC's fix + spray and I'm actually a little ashamed to say I am only buying it now. I find it so good. Usually I would be topping up my makeup in work on my morning break and again in the afternoon. Well no more, this really does give it the staying power. Especially in the heat we have been getting lately, its not easy to keep our face staying on. I would really give it a try.

Strobe Cream
Next on the list is MAC strobe cream. This can be added to makeup or underneath to give a gorgeous glow to your skin. Last year I was really bad for going on sun beds but found my skin looked very dull so invested in some luminous lotions. I bought Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator. I found it pricey and didn't see huge results. This time I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and tried out the Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Lotion, unfortunately It wasn't within my budget but I did love it and really trust their products. I tried out the MAC strobe cream and thought it showed great results. You really can see the difference, especially if you mix a pea size amount in with your foundation rather than applying before your foundation.

I needed a good nude lip liner, I went without it for so long because if I go with a nude lip I just simply go with a gloss with a bit of tint in it. I'm really fussy about getting a good shade of a nude lipstick and if I'm being honest I still haven't found the perfect one. I'll let you know when I do. Would love to know if you have any ye love?? Aaaaanyways back to the lip pencil, I bought it in the shade subculture.... from MAC, surprise surprise!!! It's really similar to my own lip colour, its perfect for a natural looking plumper lip. I SLIGHTLY overdraw my lips. (this means going outside the lines) I have by no means big full lips but I hate the look of really overdrawn lip, it never looks right, ..on me anyways.

Soap and Glory- Mother Pucker
If you really want a look of fuller lips without the cartoon, drawn on trout pout.... TRY THIS. Line your lips with a liner in a similar shade to your own. Leave the middle of your lip bare for now... now get a liner in a pale skin colour (MAC also stock these) to yours and fill in the middle part of your lips and lightly blend. To finish, put a layer of Soap and Glory's Mother Pucker clear gloss (Prepare yourself though....this will TINGLE!!) And you got beautiful fuller lips in Minutes, no needles, no trout pout!

Now on to the Eyes... I fell in love with MAC's pigment pots.... although I get carried away buying bright colours and have none for the everyday look. Well finally I stopped depriving myself of one.... I bought the shade Tan. Orange would come to mind first...but it's not its like a sparkly nude/orangy tinge colour. Perfect for all over the lid in any smokey eye look. Hopefully I will get to do a makeup look with it soon and show you properly. 

Pigments can be messy however, a lot of people recommend doing your eye makeup first do prevent it ruining your foundation. I just cant do that... I don't know why but I hate the idea of doing eyes first. I just take a little more care, wipe off any fallout with a fan brush and touch up foundation where needed.

And lastly.... I bought a brown eye kohl pencil in the shade Teddy. Its a dark brown but with a little hint of golden sparkle thats really subtle. Its nice to use a brown liner sometimes instead of the black. Its a little softer and works well with a bronzed look. This pencil is soft and creamy so its really easy to blend. This pic is me showing off Teddy, my new midi ring from Topshop, Nail polish from Topshop in Green Room and my watch from Tommy Hilfiger.

And that's that.... hope you enjoyed. 
Ger x

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