Friday, 2 August 2013

Contour, Red Lip and Winged Liner

So earlier Today I posted up photos of a makeup look I did this morning. I just wanted something simple but that was a change from the same old brown smokey eye. So I'll just run through a step by step of what I did from start to finish. Bare with me if I start rambling, I do have a tendency to. 

Step One: Foundation

My favourite Foundation
Moisturize and prime the skin first. I used Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream and Garniers Perect Blur as my primer. I then applied a light layer of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish in the shade 2.5. 
I then began contouring my face.  To darken the skin I used like a pan-stick formula from UNE in the darkest shade I could find. Its called a BB Cream Bronzer in the shade S05 and I got it in boots. 
To lighten I used a contour cream from MAC pro store that I dont think are available anymore. Maybe use MAC studio sculpt cream in a few shades lighter than your everyday makeup. 

I'm sure you have all seen photo's of how to contour. I used a MAC 130 (smaller than your normal foundation brush)  to apply the darker colour just below my cheekbones down the sides of my nose to make it appear slimmer and on the outer edge of my forehead. Last just a little under my jaw.

Dont be afraid to put a good bit on, it will all be blended in later. The lighter colour is applied under my eyes,  right down to the end of my nose and diagonally to the outer corner of my eye. Fill in this whole area with the light colour. Add another little bit just on your brow bone and a thin line down the center of your nose. Lightly blend the edges so there is no harsh lines on show. Apply dots of Benefit Sun Beam across the tops of your cheeks and lightly pat in with your fingers. Apply a little blush and dust on some translucent powder anywhere that's very shiny like your T zone. (I use LA makeup academy translucent powder) 

Step Two: Eyes and Eybrows

I always do my brows first. I don't have a lot of filling in to do in mine. I just simply use MAC's Eye Brow Crayon in the colour Lingering. Using light strokes, I go along my natural brow and emphasize the arch. Don't go as heavy handed with the pen the closer you are to the inside. They can look quite harsh then. Keep them really defined at the edges and gradually getting slight lighter on the thicker inside. The outer part of the brow should be winged out and slightly down and NOT down and slightly out. Make sense? 

Now for the eyes, I kept it really simple, cover lid with a light cream/nude colour. I used a paint pot in the colour Painterly. I just gave my crease a little definition by blending a small amount of texture into it. For the winged liner I dipped my eye liner brush in Inglot black gel eye liner (this stuff is gooood, stays on so long without smudging) and draw along my lash line, drag the brush out past your lash line and curve slightly up. This part is totally up to you of how far you want it to go out and how thick do you want your flick. I would personally avoid the Amy Winehouse look, keep it simple, always keep the flick pointed at the end. Play around with it for awhile, sometimes it can be a little tricky to get both eyes the same. Just start of small and work your way up to bigger flicks. And to finish off the eyes apply loads of mascara to the top and bottom lashes, I used Rimmel's Scandal Eyes.... but I have to say its not my favourite one I have ever purchased so I am on the lookout for a new aaaammmmaaazing one. Let me know of any recommendations. I also had a applied false lashes but thought it really took away from the look so I took them off for the photos. Less is more here. I have no eye liner on the bottom lash line just keep it simple. 
MAC Russian Red

Step 3: The lips 

Whenever in doubt, pout!! Adding some colour to your lips is a quick way to finish off an unfinished look. Woke up late for work, grab your bright lippy and mascara and head out the door. Can be put on in two minutes and you're all done. Try mix your looks up and try different colours. In these photos I lined my lips with a MAC burgundy lip pencil and filled in with MAC's russian red lipstick. 

And that's it, give it a quick spray with fix + spray, Add some loose curls to your hair and you got the look.  Here are some Celebs rocking the look. Hope you liked it.
Ger x

Jessie J

Lauren Conrad

Taylor Swift

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