Saturday, 10 August 2013

Brush Cleaning

Hello again, so to take a step back from beauty product's and all the pretty fun stuff, it's time we ventured into the dreaded job of BRUSH CLEANING. I personally, dread it because it usually has to take place after a long day when you want to just curl up in your bed. Since I am not taking any makeup appointments here in Jersey I found my brushes became a little neglected. So today I yesterday I decided to clean every one of my brushes. 
It is SO important to keep your brushes clean. Just imagine the bacteria that builds up in them after they may be rammed down a clutch for four hours on a Saturday night OR in bottom of our handbag as we run out the door to work.

Every couple of weeks you should be cleaning your brushes to get rid of all this bacteria and stop it getting on to our skin.(yuck) Keep fresh faced and spot free! We all know when you buy a brand new brush, its horrible having to do that first dip into the foundation or eye shadow. It instantly loses its pristine, clean and super soft hairs.  
Well now get them back looking that least for one night anyways. Although it can be a pain in the a** it is actually kind of satisfactory watching them become gleaming again in an instant. 

Many makeup brand's offer brush cleaners which are great. I have the MAC brush cleaner myself but I only use this if I need the brush straight away (like in between appointments on the same day). To get them real clean and for a fraction of the price I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo. This is perfect as you know there will be nothing too harsh that would damage our precious brushes and smell's great too!

Its very simple, just pour about €2 size amount of Johnson's Baby Shampoo on to your hand, dip your makeup brush into it and in circular motions on the palm of your hand, just blend it in to the brush. Rinse with a little warm water and repeat if needed. Be gentle with the brushes, no hard rubbing needed, just gently rub it in through the fibers. BE CAREFUL: DO NOT let the water get down into the metal part of the brush, keep it just on the brush hairs.

When the water runs clear from the brush, lightly rub the brush back and forth on a towel to get rid of any excess water. Now leave the brushes to dry on a window sill overnight. Lay them flat with the brush end coming out past the sill. It is important to dry them flat so no excess water gets down into the brush and causing it to rust or erode. Your brushes will be useless to you if this happens. 

And wake up to beautiful brand spankin' new brushes. (well almost) You'll find your makeup goes on better, you don't have to worry about going for a soft creamy colour eyeshadow and grabbing the brush you used to do a  "Mila Kunis smokey eye" last week and ruining your whole look, ten min's before work. Try it!!
Snooki's way of cleaning brushes


Above is a photo posted from Snooki from Jersey Shore's instagram awhile back, showing her "cleaning" her makeup brushes. I'm guessing any makeup artist that saw it wanted to shed a little tear. Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone of those brushes died a horrible death as a result of this incident. This is NOT how you clean your makeup brushes. 

Do Not Soak Your Brushes in Water!!

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